Ms. Lexsine Mitchell, CEO

What brought you to Arise: Lexsine Mitchell has been with Arise for over 10 years and is a single mom of two daughters. Prior to Arise, she had two jobs (at a bank as a part-time collection rep and also worked full time in customer service at a lamp store). She was also attending college full time for a paralegal degree and rarely spending anytime with her daughters.

She spoke with someone who was at Arise, and she was told it was going to change her life and make it better, and she jumped right in. She started the process, and within a month got her first opportunity. She quit her part-time evening job. Within 2-3 years, she was exceeding all metrics in quality and revenues. In 2007, she saw her income increasing, had flexibility to schedule her own hours of work and most importantly she could spend more time with her girls and still meet commitments of Arise. So she quit her full-time job and spent more time with Arise.

Arise soon reached out to her and asked if she wanted to take the company to the next level and start her own business – to work with other individuals under her – she said no at first. But then she was moving her home, and during the move her moving truck tipped over and she lost EVERYTHING materially that she owned – she was devastated. Then she met someone at a local laundry mat who was looking for work – that was the first person she brought in under her. Now to date, she’s helped in excess of 4,000 people go through the process in the U.S. and over 1,000 in Canada.

How has working with Arise changed your life: Before Arise, she only spent time with her girls by taking them to her second job. With Arise, she can schedule her own hours – so she’d schedule her hours while they were in school – would be off to pick them up, have dinner with them, do homework, and then when they were relaxing and off to bed, she could go back to work. Today, she has just over 400 CSPs servicing Arise Virtual Solutions through her company. Her company revenue was over $ 2M last year.

She’s also seen a difference in lifestyle too. Before Arise it was school, work, school, work. But now she is able to buy cars for each of her girls. She was also able to purchase a home for the first time (before Arise, she was living with her mom). She has now upgraded to a larger home, she lives in a gated community, she lives comfortably – she’s never worried about how she’s going to pay her bills, put food on the table, etc.

What challenges have you encountered: Finding quality people who want to work. People who would make great work-at-home professionals are skeptical because of the up-front costs. When she started, she paid $ 350 and has built a multi-million dollar business. She wasn't skeptical because she wanted and needed a change – she was willing to take a chance. Today, the costs are minimal and sometimes she even covers the costs for the people she brings in. When you are investing in an opportunity, you have to pay for an education, you have to pay for licensing and certification – whether it’s Arise or selling hot dogs, you’re making an investment. A business opportunity will also have a start-up cost.”

“Arise is a great opportunity. You’ll find some positives, some negatives, it’s up to everyone to do the research. It’s possible to be successful and create your own lifestyle, just as long as you understand what you put in is what you get out.”